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Ia adalah wajah yang biasa di tempat baru hujung minggu ini apabila pemain Perancis Erwan Nigon menyertai skuad Kawasaki TRICKSTAR #2 EVA RT 01 Webike bersama pelumba Jepun Hikari Okubo dan Yuto Sano untuk pusingan ketiga Kejuaraan Dunia FIM Endurance, Coca-Cola Suzuka ke-43 8 jam.

The 38-year-old two-time FIM Endurance World Champion was most recently seen out in action in the EWC for Viltaïs Racing Igol aboard their Dunlop-shod #333 Yamaha Yamaha YZF-R1, so it’s a change of tyres as well as bike marque as he jumps to Bridgestone and Kawasaki this weekend.

“It’s a great pleasure to join Trickstar because it’s like family for me. I ran for three years with them before. So for me, it’s not totally discovery, but at the same time it’s a new challenge to switch machine and team.

“So yes, I need to adapt, but it’s okay. I’m happy and motivated for this new challenge.”

With his regular team not coming to Japan, it was not a long lead time for Nigon to prepare for the change.

“Three weeks before we prepared it. Three weeks ago they asked me if I want to participate, and I thought ‘that’s okay for me!’ I’m very excited to come!”

After the challenge of getting to Japan it was time for the job at hand – getting on the bike and riding it.

“The first day was a little bit difficult because the philosophy of the engine is completely different. But after a few laps, well, and then maybe a day because also jetlag is not easy and the weather also not so easy, but by yesterday I was fast. I’m very happy to get to the same level as my team-mates, so I’m really excited.”

Aspirations for Nigon?

“Top 10, Top 10 is possible. Five to 10 is good and it’s the target of the team. So we try to push for that result.”